How to make money online? In this article ,I will tell you 10 ways of making money online.

How to make money online? In this article I will tell you 10 ways of making money online.please read following amazing article to process these steps.

1> You can earn money by buying & selling of domain names

There is some expense involved in buying domain names but it is  not too expensive.You can buy a cheap domain name from or takes a few minutes to buy a domain name and you own that name for one year But there is a risk as well There is no guarantee that someone will want to buy your domain name or that you will get a high price for it or will earn a large profit from it.The domain name should be such that you can find a buyer for it.The good names may already be registered but this is not necessary for instance recently Gurgaon  is name was changed to Gurugram whoever bought this domain name will definitely make a lot of profit .

2> You can sell new or old items on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal etc

If you register as a seller you will be able to sell your goods on these online marketplaces. If you are selling old items then there is no investment. however if you are selling new items you may have to invest money to purchase the may need to give your identity card & complete the verification process to register as a seller but why will anyone buy goods from you on this online marketplace? you will need to attract new buyers will need to generate good reviews by selling good products at reasonable prices. It will take time to get a good rating. I have worked in an e-commerce company eBay and can confirm to you that Millions of people sell goods on such e-commerce sites daily and earn good money legally.

3> You can sell your photos online Many of us have a hobby of taking photographs.

 If you take good photographs you can sell them online at sites such as shutterstock, graphicstock, istockphoto etc.All you need to invest in is a camera which can take HD photos Many people have a DSLR camera at home.You can upload your photos from the photo library and monetize your image library. this does not & take too much time but you should have a buyer for your photos.if you list your photos on reputed sites you can get a good price for them.

4> You can open an online store think of it as your shop but online

There are sites like Shopify & Volusion where you can open an online store without knowing any programming this requires an investment and you need to have your own domain name as well many sites also take a share of your earning however setting it up does not take too long this is quite easy and anyone can set up an online store quite easily.

5> You can write & self publish an e-book and sell it online

If you like writing you can use your talent to earn money through the e-book this does  not require a high investment Some people even write a book in MS Word and convert it to a PDF document and publish it. If you publish your e-book on a site like Amazon then it can be done very quickly. It does not take too much time to do. this now a days writers usually give their first e-book free online so that they get a high no. of downloads and good reviews once they get good reviews on Amazon then they do not give the next book for free the readers also have confidence on the authors & writing and they do not hesitate to buy the books.

6> You can take online tutions & earn good money 

you simply need a computer with a webcam with the help of a few softwares you can teach online i have myself used webex & go to webinar for giving online tuitions. these are not very expensive the software licences are usually cheap you can use Skype or Yahoo Messenger if you are looking for a free option it is extremely easy to set them up & you can start taking online tuitions in a short time.

7> Affiliate Marketing you can put affiliate links or banners on your website or blog

If someone clicks there and purchases something you will get a commission .the investment here is also minimum. you need to have a website or a blog. It is better if you have your own domain name and you should have a good traffic on your website or blog. however this takes time you can monetize the traffic on your website but you will need to register for an affiliate banner you can partner and get affiliate links from websites such as Commission Junction, Share a sale & Link Share.

8> Blogging if you like writing stories or poems you can create a blog

If you want to create a free blog you can use Blogger .If you want to create a professional blog you can use Word PressThe investment is not significant Create a blog on free blogging sites to try itand then think about paid sites subsequently Creating a good blog takes time Only if the content is good people will read it and will see ads on the blog. you can link AdSense with your blog and display ads to earn some money.

 9> Freelancing

Millions of people are earning money using their talent even without a regular job- by becoming a freelancer Photographer, writer, marketer, video editor, translator- you will get all kinds of small & big jobs There are a no. of sites like Freelancer, Up work and Fiverr. You can register for free on these sites and requires no investment. However it could take some time to make a name for yourself and to get jobs. This will not happen over night In the beginning you may get low rates for your work . since you don't have a rating or experience As you deliver good work & receive good reviews you can start earning good money.

10> You can upload videos to You Tube, link them to AdSense & make money from your videos

You can record the video from your video camera, mobile phone or can also make a slide show from your photos.The investment is not high there is a camera in all mobile phones and you can edit a video for free but it is difficult to say how much time. it will take some people become stars over night while others can take some months or even years but good content is always appreciated by people. i have been earning money on You Tube since a few years and I also teach others how to make money as well Before ending I wanted to say one thing When you sow a seed it does not become a tree or a plant the very next day It needs sunlight, water & nutrition Similarly it takes time if you want to earn money from an online business You will need to learn about the business, work hard & deliver consistent results Only then will you be able to make money online Be Careful if someone tells you that you will become rich overnight or asks you to pay money to register and subsequently you will be able to make money a no. of fraudsters & impersonators are there on the internet who will try to fool you.the internet is a treasure of knowledge you can learn everything on the Internet today just work hard and you can also do your own business online& escape from your regular job On which of these topics do you want more information let me know through your comments. 

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